A COVID-Safe First Aid Training Environment

Maintaining training throughout the Corona virus Pandemic

Lakes First Aid is committed to maintaining training for our customers as we understand first aid is both an important skill and a requirement of many organisations.

The government is clear that workers should not be forced into an unsafe workplace and so, at Lakes First Aid, we would like to emphasise that participants should not be forced to attend face to face training until such a time as Government guidelines change. 

We also appreciate that many organisations will require qualified first aiders in order to operate safely so we have established a policy for operating as safely as possible following ‘best practice’ information available from the UK Government and advice from our Awarding Bodies.

Remote training

To support the current guidelines on social distancing and minimising contact time with other people we have adopted a new approach to training using blended learning for some courses. Click here for further details about our blended learning courses.

100% face-to-face courses

If training must go ahead and it is not possible or permitted to conduct training remotely it is possible to undertake 100% of the course face-to-face.  Since first aid training does require close contact we have modified our courses to ensure we are maintaining a COVID-Secure environment for both our trainers & customers.

COVID-safe training

We have reduced the number of places available on our open courses to create a safer training environment along with a series off modifications throughout the training course. Each participant is assigned a specific working zone for all practical activities (currently 4m2 / person) and where possible, all practical activities and assessments will be undertaken on a CPR manikin.

Close contact activities

For any practical tasks where participants are required to work with another person they will only work with fixed partners to avoid contact with multiple people.  When working in close proximity with another person the activity time will be kept as short as possible and scenarios will be held outside, when practical to do so. We will also use additional control measures including additional PPE such as a face covering, face shield & gloves.

Breaks and Lunch 

When practical to do so we will request that all participants vacate the training room during all breaks & lunch time, preferably outside or to their vehicle. We will also strive to ensure good ventilation as much as possible.


On arrival participants will be asked to thoroughly sanitise hands prior to entering a building / training room and there will be minimal contact with any registration documents. Where possible we will use a portable electronic device to sign in participants using a question & answer process with our trainer.

Hygiene standards in first aid are typically very high however we will expect all particpants to follow good hand hygiene procedures by washing their hands after touching any high-touch surfaces, after using the toilet, after leaving the training room, after the CPR session and before & after eating food.

Post Course – Test & Trace 

We strongly recommended that participants monitor their health before & after the course and if they believe that they may have contracted COVID-19 within a period of 48hrs from the final day of the course then they must inform Lakes First Aid of this information. 

If we are contacted by NHS Track & Trace Lakes First Aid are obliged to pass on the contact details of any participants, trainer and other individuals who may have been in close proximity to the participant on the course. The definition of close contact is:

  • Being within 2 meters of someone for 15 minutes or more
  • Being within VERY close contact of someone (less than 1 metre away)

Current Government Guidance states that there is not a requirement to test & trace if someone:

  • Has not been within close contact to the another person (less than 2 metres away)
  • Has been using good hand hygiene
  • Are wearing correctly fitted PPE when in very close contact (less than 1 metre away) of someone 

Further information

For further details about our safety procedures a full copy of our safety policy & risk assessments can be downloaded here:

Safety Policy – Maintaining a COVID-Secure Training Environment

Risk Assessments – Lakes First Aid COVID-Secure Risk Assessments