Outdoor First Aid

Outdoor First Aid

First aid for rural & remote outdoor environments.

Suitable for anyone undertaking outdoor activities, adventurous journeys or leading groups outdoors. Our 2-day Outdoor First Aid Course is the national benchmark for outdoor first aid training in the UK and is recognised by all Outdoor National Governing Bodies (NGB’s).

Further information on the suitability of our courses for Outdoor Leaders can be found in the Factsheet Download on the right of this page. If you are still unsure about the appropriate level of first aid training  please contact us »

1 DAY Outdoor First Aid (8HRS)

Ideal for outdoor enthusiasts including mountaineers, hill walkers, climbers, canoeists, kayakers, cavers, mountain bikers & outdoor instructors / coaches requiring only an 8hr certificate. Please note: the minimum requirement for most outdoor instructors is the 2-day Outdoor First Aid Course.

Course content:

In addition to the core life saving skills 8hr outdoor first aid covers monitoring a casualty, providing insulation & shelter and first aid in the semi-remote environment until further help arrives.


  • Assessing vital signs
    Brain activity, breathing & circulation
  • Approaching and assessing a casualty
    The ABC of first aid
  • Treating immediately life threatening conditions
    Heart attack, bleeding, shock, burns, scalds & choking
  • Basic Life Support
    CPR in confined spaces, drowning & use of face masks
  • Taking action to prevent further deterioration:
    Ensuring a safe airway, stabilising, bandaging & immobilising
  • Hot & cold problems
    Recognising the symptoms of hypothermia & heat exhaustion
  • Scenarios in the non-remote outdoor environment
    e.g. sailing & paddlesports»

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2 Day Outdoor First Aid (16hrs)

This 2-day outdoor first aid course is suitable for those undertaking more adventurous activities or journeys and all outdoor leaders, instructors, mountain guides & coaches requiring this certificate a part of their coaching qualification.

Course content:

This 2-day Outdoor First Aid course builds on the 1-day Outdoor First Aid Course by providing extended casualty care in remote UK environments. The course includes associated injuries on water rock & land, trauma injuries, equipment, medical emergencies, basic triage & managing incidents until a rescue team arrive.


  • Common outdoor injuries
    Breaks, strains & sprains
  • Recognising and preventing injuries from heat and cold
    Burns, scalds & hypothermia
  • Treating common illnesses
    Asthma, epilepsy, anaphylaxis, diabetes & angina
  • Dealing with major trauma injuries
    Head, neck, spine & chest
  • Providing extended casualty care in the field
    Low-tech equipment, moving, monitoring & evacuation
  • Appropriate emergency kit for outdoor instructors & centres
  • Record keeping & accident reporting
  • Scenarios in remote (UK) environments
    Mountains, caves, rivers & sea

All courses are certificated and valid for 3 years

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Outdoor activities, expeditions, outdoor leaders, instructors, coaches, guides & NGBs

Duration: 1-day (8hrs) or 2-days (16hrs)

Cost: 1-day: £95 | 2-day: £115

Bandaging a leg outdoors
Multiple casualties outdoors
Unconscious casualty on slope

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