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New Blended Learning Courses

Maintaining vital training!

Over the last 10 years we have built a reputation of excellent customer service and pride ourselves on our no-nonsense, practical & memorable first aid training.

With over 150,000 deaths/year from heart attacks, 120,00 fatalities/year from strokes & 60,000 people suffering a cardiac arrest every year we feel that, where possible, people should still receive essential first aid training.

Whilst we are temporarily unable to offer our hands-on courses throughout the Corona Virus outbreak we have quickly adapted to ensure we can still deliver vital first aid training through our new blended learning courses.

These new blended learning courses combine interactive ‘live’ online webinar sessions with shorter practical sessions, once it is appropriate to hold face-to-face courses again.

Starting your first aid journey……

Of course our customers could simply wait until we are able to run our usual courses however we anticipate an increase in demand so they could be waiting for several months before starting their training. By starting the webinar sessions, they will get ahead of the game by completing all the non-practical parts of their course in good time.

Why blended learning?

Working from home!

This is the perfect time to carry out some training before returning to a busy work schedule

You will save time!

By completing your online learning now you will only need to attend a shorter practical course

You are showing commitment!

It demonstrates that you are committed to maintaining your first aid skills in the workplace

Early bird bookings!

Completing our webinars guarantee’s an early place on our practical courses

How it works

Stage 1 –  Webinar

We will schedule a series of ‘short’ live webinar sessions where people can select a time that suits them. This will cover all the non-practical aspects of their course and will include live training, Q&A and plenty of practical training throughout.

We anticipate the webinar part of a course to be up to 50% of the original course time. For example:

1-day Emergency First Aid = 2 x 1 ½ hr webinar sessions

2-day Outdoor First Aid = 4 x 1 ½ hr webinar sessions

Stage 2 – Follow up & revision                                                          

Further support will be available after each webinar through 1:1 sessions along with electronic materials to support the training and to allow further ‘self-directed’ study after the course. This will ensure those that are undertaking an exam can revise appropriately.

Stage 3 – Practical ‘short’ course

When we can hold public courses again we will organise shorter courses covering all remaining skills such as treating choking, CPR & managing bleeding as well as completing any assessments.

Further information

We have created a special information sheet with further information about completing first training during the Corona Virus outbreak: fact sheet download >>

A special thank you

As a small training provider these are uncharted waters for us and, like many others, we are on a steep learning curve. We hope that this reassures our customers that we are doing everything we can to ensure that people can still receive their vital life saving skills and we would like to thank you for your continued loyalty with us.

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