First Aid at Work (FAW)

First Aid at Work (FAW)

QNUK Level 3 Award in First aid at Work (RQF).

This 3-day course is particularly suited for those working in high risk environments such as light engineering, food processing, dangerous machinery & heavy plant construction, large organisations or workers in remote locations.

If you work in a low risk environment with less than 50 employees or a high risk environment with less than 5 employees the Emergency First Aid at Work certificate may be more appropriate to your needs. This meets the minimum HSE requirements for first aid training in the work place and is suitable for a range of work environments from retail & offices to shops, warehousing & light construction.

If you hold a current First Aid at Work certificate and require a Requalification course please go to our First Aid at Work Requalification page »

New Blended Learning Course Programme

We are pleased to anounce that we now offer our First Aid at Work training as a blended learning course in partnership with eLearn Here. This is a combination of an e-learning module and a 2-day practical training course. The e-learning module is completed prior to the practical session and is equivalent to ⅓ of the course completed online (6hrs) and the remaining ⅔ of the course  is completed as two practical days (12hrs).

Course content

Comprehensive first aid training that covers the essential skills required to assess & treat a casualty who is bleeding, unconscious or stopped breathing. This also includes the range of first aid skills needed in the work environment to stabilise a casualty and ‘hold the fort’ until paramedic help arrives.

Day 1

  • Assessing vital signs
    Brain Activity, Breathing & Circulation
  • Approaching and assessing a casualty
    The A.B.C.+ D.E. of first aid
  • Treating immediately life threatening conditions
    Heart attack, stroke, bleeding, shock, burns, scalds & choking
  • Basic Life Support
    Performing CPR for adults / children & use of face masks
  • Taking action to prevent further deterioration
    Ensuring a safe airway, stabilising, bandaging & immobilising

Day 2

  • Recognising & treating serious injuries
    Broken bones, strains & sprains
  • Dealing with major trauma injuries
    Head, neck, spine & chest
  • Recognising and preventing injuries from heat and cold
    Burns, scalds, heat illness & hypothermia
  • Recognising & treating common illnesses
    Asthma, epilepsy, anaphylaxis, diabetes & angina
  • Providing extended casualty care in the field
    Low-tech equipment, moving, monitoring & evacuation

Day 3

  • Managing other workplace injuries
    Poisoning, foreign bodies & eye injuries
  • Current regulations
    FAW legislation, record keeping & reporting (RIDDOR)
  • Environmental hazards
    Knowledge of specific hazards in the work environment
  • Appropriate emergency kit for the workplace
  • Managing an incident
    Multiple casualties & basic triage

This course is certificated by the Qualifications Network and is valid for three years.


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Medium to high risk work environments, large organisations, manufacturing, remote locations, light engineering, industrial settings & food processing

Duration: 18 hours (over three days)

Cost: £270/person

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