Paediatric First Aid

Paediatric First Aid

First Aid for early years settings.

Practical & hands on first aid courses suitable for anyone providing care for children including: early years practitioners, school’s, nurseries, play workers, childminders, nannies, babysitters, midday supervisors, community & youth workers and family members.

The Full Paediatric First Aid  course meets the first aid training requirements by Ofsted and the 2017 Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Guidelines for Childminders and Nursery Workers in early years settings. It is also a prerequisite for many of the National Child Care qualifications and  Compulsory Ofsted Register.

Further information on the  requirements of Paediatric First Aid training can be found in our Factsheet Download.

New Blended Learning Programme (12hr courses only)

We are pleased to anounce that we now offer our Full Paediatric First Aid  training (12hrs) as a blended learning course in partnership with eLearn Here.  This is a combination of an e-learning module and a 1-day practical training course. The e-learning module is completed online prior to the practical session and is equivalent to 50% of the course  (6hrs) and the remaining 50% is completed as a 1-day practical session (6hrs).

Emergency Paediatric First Aid (6 hrs)

Suitable for nannies, play group leaders, play centres, parents/gradparents & those within Early Years who are working as part of a team.

Please note: the requirement for most early years practitioners is the 2-day Full Paediatric First Aid Course.

Course content:

This 1-day  first aid course covers the essential life saving skills for babies, infants and young children in play settings and the home environment.

  • Assessing vital signs
    Brain Activity, Breathing & Circulation
  • Approaching and assessing a casualty
    The A.B.C. of first aid
  • Treating immediately life threatening conditions
    Drowning, bleeding, choking & shock
  • Basic Life Support
    CPR for pregnant women / baby / child & use of face masks
  • Recognising & treating common conditions
    Asthma, epilepsy, anaphylaxis, diabetes & meningitis
  • Taking action to prevent further deterioration
    Ensuring a safe airway, stabilising & bandaging
  • Current regulations & record keeping
  • Scenarios tailored to the school or nursery environment
    Playroom, classroom, playground or playing field

Full Paediatric First Aid (12 hrs)

Suitable for all early years settings including school’s, nursery’s, childminders, nannies, babysitters, midday supervisors, early years practitioners, community & youth workers. Childminders or those working alone on the Compulsory Ofsted Register must take the Full Paediatric First Aid Course

Course content:

The 12hr Paediatric First Aid course builds on the Emergency Paediatric First Aid to cover head and neck injuries, breaks, febrile convulsions, poisoning, eye injuries, bites, stings, equipment, medical emergencies and managing incidents.

  • Hot and cold injuries
    Burns, scalds, febrile convulsions & hypothermia
  • Breaks
    Assessing, bandaging, immobilising and stabilising fractures
  • Major trauma
    Dealing with head, neck & back injuries
  • Common injuries
    Poisoning, foreign bodies, eye injuries, bites & stings
  • First aid procedures
    Current regulations, record keeping & equipment
  • Scenarios tailored to indoor and outdoor situations
    Sports pitch, field studies, day trips & residential visits

Both courses are certificated and valid for 3 years.

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Schools, nurseries, early years practitioners, childminders, play workers, nannies, babysitters, midday supervisors, community & youth workers and family members

Duration: 6hrs - 12hrs (over one or two days)

Cost: £108 or £125 (includes 20% VAT)

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