Professional Drivers First Aid (Driver CPC)

Professional Drivers First Aid (Driver CPC)

Courses for professional drivers that meets the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence.

All courses are approved by the Joint Approvals Unit for Periodic Training (JAUPT) to meet Driver CPC (DCPC) training requirements for professional drivers of large goods vehicles and passenger carrying vehicles including lorry, bus and coach drivers.

Each course counts towards seven hours of the required 35 hours driver training and includes a first aid certificate valid for three years. This means drivers can re-qualify their first aid within the same five-year JAUPT period and training hours will count separately, giving up to 28 hours of Driver CPC training towards the required total of 35 hours.

Course options

Lakes First Aid can provide two units for driver training. Each unit is worth 7hrs of driver training and must be taken over two separate days. These units are simply included as part of any course that is minimum of 7hrs duration and meets the DCPC requirements for first aid training. What’s more each unit is just £50 + the course fee.

The following courses can include the driver CPC qualification:

1-day Emergency First Aid at Work » Unit 1 Driver CPC (7hrs)

1-day Emergency First Aid at Work +F » Unit 1 Driver CPC (7hrs)

1-day Outdoor First Aid Course » Unit 1 Driver CPC (7hrs)

2-day Outdoor First Aid Course » Unit 1 & Unit 2 Driver CPC (14hrs)

3-day First Aid at Work » Unit 1 & Unit 2 Driver CPC (14hrs)

2-day First Aid at Work Requalification » Unit 1 & Unit 2 Driver CPC (14hrs)

Booking & Certification

To book your course choose the course type from the list above and select your preferred course date. Once you have added this to your shopping basket simply add the additional Drivers CPC Unit 1 and / or Unit 2 to your basket.

Upon successful completion of your course you will be issued with a dual qualification which includes your course certificate + your Driver CPC training certificate. Your 7 hours training will be recorded on to the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency database.

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Further information about driver training

In order to drive for a living all Professional Drivers will need to pass the Initial Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (Divers CPC) and undergo periodic training. Once qualified the driver will receive a Driver Qualification Card (DQC) which must be kept valid by completing 35 hours of continuous (periodic) training over a five-year period. Each new 5 year period begins from the expiry date of a driver’s current DCPC qualification (i.e. five years from the date they received their DQC card).

Driver training helps to refresh your skills and stay up to date. The training covers a wide range of aspects of professional driving and can include:

  • Ecosafe and fuel-efficient driving
  • Defensive driving techniques
  • First aid
  • Health and safety
  • Drivers’ hours regulations
  • Using tachographs

Further information can be found at: Become a Professional Driver »

Why book first aid training?

The advantage of completing first aid training is that you can complete between 14 and 28 hours of driver training over a five year period which only leaves 6 hours of further training to complete. Therefore reducing the burden of organising multiple training courses and reducing the cost of driver training.

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Registering & checking your driver training records

You can access your driver training records online where you can:

  • Check how many hours of Driver CPC training you’ve completed
  • Check which courses you’ve attended
  • Check when you’ll get your next Driver Qualification Card
  • Create a temporary password for your employer so they can view your record

To access your driver training records go to the Driver CPC website »

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Professional Drivers requiring Driver CPC training including large goods vehicle, passenger carrying vehicles, lorry, bus & coach drivers

Duration: 7hrs/unit

Cost: £50 + course fee

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